hi! i've been meaning to check out lost girl again for a while, and was wondering your thoughts on it? i watched two or three eps a year ago, but didn't get that 'aha i love this!!' kind of moment and dropped it. i'm a big fan of supernatural shows though, so i'm thinking i should kick my butt until i marathon it. lkdjf any advice is appreciated.

I’ll admit, Lost Girl is an acquired taste — and in the fandom there are too many shipping wars for my liking which is why I often stay out debate and such about it. But hey, this is a good opportunity to talk about the show as a whole.

What I love about the show, if I’m honest? Are the characters.

Originally, when I first watched the show, the first character I loved to pieces was Kenzi and it did take me the first season as a whole to really get into it. Early season, it’s one of those: you either love it right off the bat or you trek through it to the good stuff. I know some of the following might get me in shit with shippers… but I’m not the biggest fan of Lauren and I’ve never really liked her and Bo together. And before they rally up all ‘I bet you ship her with Dyson!’… Actually? I don’t really ship Bo with anyone.

I don’t really ship anyone on the show.

Actually, no, I ship the characters with storyline and depth that is often overlooked in favor of ‘Omigod is Doccubus sex gonna happen in this episode?’…

So at the end of this? I recommend you give a marathon, cause really? It’s gotten very good in the new season and Tamsin is an amazingly cool character. And Vex is pretty boss, even if he’s been M.I.A. like Hale (another amazing character). 

Be careful of the fanbase.

[ PS. I will be doing a post soon about my feelings about a few of the characters pretty soon. I’ve been meaning to. I’m just lazy. ]

  1. joanwatson said: thanks so much! my interest was actually peaked by so many on my dash being excited about tamsin. and i honestly prefer character stories over ships as well so this sounds wonderful.
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