Jenny Slate photographed by Jessica Chou

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Taylor Schilling by Randall Slavin. (x) (x)

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no other song is “this generation’s bohemian rhapsody”

bohemian rhapsody is every generation’s bohemian rhapsody

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today i watched a roomba scoot through the open door of a nearby bakery and onward to freedom as a panicked cleaning crew chased after it. all hail the robot uprising

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"come on, lets go for a drive"

a playlist for adolescence and nights with your friends, or days with only you on the old empty parking lot.

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Jenny Slate for Refinery29, photographed by Atisha Paulson

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who cares /how much/ support someone’s death winds up receiving — it’s equatable to the impact they had — so if they impacted their community and or it makes the news, it makes sense that it would mostly be their community, and not the world that offers support. robin williams’ death is not more important than that person’s death, it is simply that in a career that spans a handful of decades? he’s touched likely millions of lives with his characters and films and comedy, so people are going to respond with grief for his passing as well.

misread this if you will, say that i’m preaching something i’m not. this is a valid point. please stop trying to make people grieving for a man that they feel impacted their lives feel bad for it because you think it takes away from the death of another/or a completely different issue.

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i just want to say that i’m very, very sad about robin williams dying but i think that he’d want everyone to be happy. go watch a comedy, or your favorite comedian, laugh because this is your chance to, laugh for robin

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